Sunday, December 2, 2012

Erotica Bundle (Pseudo Incest Erotica Shorts)

I made a bundle! Not a bundle of cash...a bundle of erotica!

It contains:

Theme Park Stepdad
Water Park Stepmom and

Check it out and let me know what you think.


One stepmother.
One stepson.
One water park.

In a world where a stepmother has the hots for her stepson, one woman has to choose between what’s right and what’s right for her body.

Water Park Stepmom is a 5500 word pseudo incest erotica short.

This story is told using the perspective of the stepmother and the perspective of the stepson. Therefore, this a DP (double perspective) short.


On their yearly trip to Orlando, Stephanie decides she is going to find herself alone with her stepfather Jack. While her mother Monica, and her stepbrother John stay behind in the water park, Stephanie and Jack head back to the hotel room to get ready for dinner. Will Stephanie be able to seduce Jack? Will Jack be able to resist her temptations?

Theme Park Stepdad is a roughly 8400 word Pseudo Incest Erotica Short. This work is not a sequel to Water Park Stepmom. This is a completely separate story that takes place concurrently using characters from Water Park Stepmom.
This story is told using the perspective of the stepfather and the perspective of the stepdaughter. Therefore, this a DP (double perspective) short.


Lilly decided to stay up late and watch a marathon of Real Gold Diggers of Austin. Her stepson comes home drunk at 3AM not realizing she is awake and hanging out in the living room. With her husband asleep Lilly decides to heat up some food for her stepson. After some playful banter things start to heat up on the couch as one inappropriate comment leads to another and Llly ends up playing with things she shouldn't.

Stepmom...Please. is a roughly 6900 pseudo incest erotica short.