Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Mayhem - Day Dos - 5/2/2012

I'll never admit to being blocked! You'll never take me alive!

1000 words logged.

I think I have a great title. The title came how they usually do, out of nowhere. And I'm not going to share the title until I can grow these 1000 words into a total of something more than 5000 words and less than 10,000 words.

Day Tres of May Mayhem I plan to be stuck in a Barnes and Noble. I am anticipating get lots of work done. No television, limited access to internet, no B.S. distraction. Just me, B&N and my laptop.

Wish me luck and happy writing!

And...oh more thing ala Steve Jobs, I changed the cover on 3AM ATM again. What? Again? Yeah. I get bored easily. I'll link to it tomorrow as it is in the process of going through Amzn KPD's processing etc.