Friday, May 4, 2012

May Mayhem – Day Cuatro – 5/4/2012

The Avengers apparently did a lot of ass kicking, like they kicked my ass as well. I fell asleep during the movie but I found it was everything you’d expect. I got home at about 3:00A.M. from the theater and made sure to tweet about 3AM ATM because it was the first time I was up at 3AM to make such a tweet!

I woke up at 8AM, ran some errands and then slept until roughly 2PM. After that I ran more errands and did every single possible thing a person can do except write! I finally sat down at around 10PM and forced out 610 words before I was already checking too quickly how much I had done. Never a good thing. So for today I got 610 words down. Not proud of myself. But tomorrow, as they say, is another day.


... :)

Happy writing!

EDIT!!! I won't say I was dismayed with my output earlier but I guess I surely wasn't content. I sat back down to surf the web and continued to work on a scene. So to edit the above I hit 1055 for the day.