Monday, April 23, 2012

Failure Has Options

I pride myself on not worrying about sales and only worrying about quality. And with that being said I believe that my cover for 3AM ATM is a failure based on sales. I'm not upset with the sales, I just believe they can be improved. Every sale for me is a huge push to keep going and do what I do. I love each and every sale.  Sales for 3AM ATM have been lacking and I believe it's some of my best work. It was a departure for me in terms of writing style but I love the story, love the length and love the payoff. But something isn't clicking with readers and I think that's the cover.

I was going for something different. All the words on the cover above are in the story. I am guessing it is too simplistic or maybe it just sucks. All possible. But at least this failure has options.

I truly still believe that you don't need a naked woman/man/couple on the cover. I don't even think the cover needs to be sexual. However what I tried with 3AM ATM has not worked and therefore until I figure out what can work I am going to try old school nakedness.

Below is the newest cover. I dropped my signature "Pervert Approved" which I loved the placement of above. I kept "From the perverted mind of Amanda Charvi". I might add "Pervert Approved" in a third go round. But for now I am sticking with simplistic. Let me know what you think:

I'll keep experimenting down the line and letting yall know how it goes.
Inspiring blog posts are coming up! I see we are in April and I don't see as much activity from my peers or from myself! We gotta keep trucking. :)