Tuesday, April 3, 2012


My new title is out! It was uploaded on Sunday. :)

3AM ATM - I love the title and the cover:

It's graphic but I wrote it differently from my other titles. This wasn't stream of consciousness. I had the idea for the title and ran with it. Do we always need a naked person on the cover? I guess I will find out sooner rather than later. I think if we all have naked people on the covers we all look the same. I want to look different. That is important to me. Quality is important to me. Engaging the reader is important to me. I used a lot more dialogue here than I have anywhere else. I hope you enjoy it. And if you can't cop it just let me know. Tweet me! @AmandaCharvi . I'm not sure if doing this blog is important to my readers. I think perhaps my focus should be more on Twitter. It goes without saying that writing quality is first but after that I want to engage with fans. I'm not sure another blog is what my fans need. I will keep mulling it over. I guess when I want to go on a long rant this is a good place. I just want to make sure I am utilizing my time wisely. :) Anyways here's the synop:
3AM ATM is a roughly 11,000 word novella.

It is an extremely explicit erotica romance story with elements of degradation.

A woman in a long term relationship.

A tall dark and sexy exotic man in a club.

A girls night out and a chance encounter.

Sara was caught off guard when Marco broke into her girls' night out group and asked to buy her a drink. She accepted his offer and now she can't keep her guard up against his charms.

Will she answer his late night text messages?

Will she cheat on her boyfriend of three years and satisfy her physical desires?

Of course she will.