Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Favorite Song: Say Goodbye - DMB

There are many versions of this song, as DMB changes it up. This is my fav version even though after more than 600 or 700 listens I still can't make out some of the words. I love the vid this person put together as well. It's all awesome. All rights to whoever owns the copyright etc. etc. No copyright infringement intended.

Say Goodbye

So here we are tonight
You and me together
Its Kind of cold outside
And our fires bright
Oh and in your eyes
See whats on my mind
You got my wild,
Turned around inside
Oh and this desire she is creeping up heavy
Inside here
Come on I know ya feel the same way as I do now
So lets this make this an evening
Lovers for a night
Lovers just tonight

Oh stay here with me
Oh such a lovely time
Oh what an evening we breathe in
And all I take in a secret
Carry it away like a treasure we hid
And away from here
Oh tomorrow we go back to being friends

Tomomrrow we go back
But tonight lets be lovers
We kiss and sweat
We turn this good thing all the way up to the best
Of all we can offer
Its a rogue kiss
Tangled tongues and lips
So and see me this way
Oh im turning and turning for you
Oh girl
Come on tonight

Float away with me
On this evening
Oh just you wait and see
And tomorrow you're back to your man
I go back to my world and we go back to being friends
Oh wont you see it?
The way I envision
All we are is wasting hours
Come on tonight
Its all ours
And wait here
Until tomorrow we go back to being friends

Oh, oh
Tomorrow we go back but tonight lets be lovers
Oh please
Tonight lets be lovers
Say you will
Tonight lets be lovers
Oh please
Tonight lets be lovers
Oh you and me
Oh under the stars under the moon
No witness but we
And take off all the attire
And all we roll as if theres no denying this
Oh wont you inaudible
Its only one evening
Oh we strip down
And trip out at this
all in one nights love begins with a kiss
And away from here
Oh and tomorrow we're back to being friends
Oh no but tonight
We be lovers
Lovers yeah
Just for toninght
It's one night
Lovers yeah
Tomorrow, say goodbye
Tomorrow, say goodbye
Tomorrow, say goodbye