Sunday, March 18, 2012

KDP Select Erotica

I put Theme Park Stepdad up for free last night. I woke up at about 10:40A.M. to about 40 downloads and a ranking of 3000 something. It is now 3:33P.M. I have 124 downloads in the U.S. with a ranking of 1369.

In the U.K. I have given away 33 books with a ranking of #83 top 100 of Erotica, in the U.K. Amazon store.

When Water Park Stepmom went free I had more downloads when I woke up in the morning on Sunday (superbowl sunday). After the free run I sold 30 for the month. To me that is astonishing. It has been holding steady selling roughly one a day. I am thrilled. That is awesome. It gave me twelve pages of also boughts. I think it was successful. I didn't tweet too much when it went free. It happened organically. I also got three reviews.

This time I have tweeted every 20-25 minutes about the free book starting at 2A.M.. This has resulted in 68 clicks of the link to my free book. I don't know how many have resulted in downloads obviously but this may be good information for people concerned with tweeting and it's effectiveness.

I wish I could organize my information as well as Heather Vivant: She did an amazing job breaking down her numbers.

Conclusion: I feel KDP select has helped me tremendously. I think it has given me great exposure. It has helped my other books. It has given me also viewed and also boughts. Both books I have put up for free had no reviews. Therefore it is possible that a book with reviews and that isn't of such a scandalous topic may do better.

Water Park Stepmom went up before the whole Paypal PI fiasco and Theme Park Stepmom after. Has it helped or hurt? I don't know. I don't know for sure much of anything. My additional sales could come from additional content I am putting up. I love the short story form and I cannot stop writing it. It has caused me to push back Asian Girl Gone Bad (novel) several times. It's intoxicating. I love to write short erotica stories.

I "spam my free" as I call it, on Twitter. I am not sure how much this has hurt or helped. I obv. only do it when I have a book going free. Aside from spamming I also talk to everyone as is the point of Twitter. I love to talk so it comes naturally to me. I think there is an effectiveness to Twitter but it isn't that strong. I love the people I talk to on Twitter. There are some really cool people on Twitter. I don't believe I will stop using Twitter.

I have no interest being on Facebook. I don't feel for an erotica writer it is useful. (I say that without being on it for my writing) I am not sure that the people who love erotica want to be associated with an erotica writer on Facebook. I love my personal Facebook for talking with family. But I think the best thing I can do is connect on Twitter and put all other energy into writing and adding content of quality.