Monday, March 26, 2012


Coming This Week:

Blank Blank (An Explicit Erotic Romantic Novella)

Clocking in so far at over 11,000 words.

A woman in a long term relationship.
A tall dark and sexy exotic man in a club.
A girls night out and a chance encounter.

Sara was caught off guard when Marco broke into her girls' night out group and asked to buy her a drink. She accepted his offer and now she can't keep her guard up against his charms.

Will she answer his late night text messages? Will she cheat on her boyfriend of five years and satisfy her physical desires?

Of course she will.

I'm keeping the title a secret. I've had the cover done for over three weeks! I can't wait to release it.

Theme Park Stepdad (A Pseudo Incest Erotica Short)[not the sequal to Water Park Stepmom] has been doing really well since its free run.

Water Park Stepmom (A Pseudo Incest Erotica Short)[not the prequal to Theme Park Stepdad] has been doing great as well. I want to thank all of you for that.

And for those that haven't bought those, you are missing out! ;)

The rest of me is below. Some stuff can't be found on general searches and therefore all of me is linked below. HEARTS!!!

Amanda Charvi's Amazon Profile <-All of me

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Oh and...I keep forgetting that Creampie Contest has been doing awesomely and swimmingly as well. It's been a blessed month and that is thanks to, once again, yall.