Monday, March 19, 2012

Amazon Blocking Titles

If you go here: and enter my name as the author, you can see three titles with an ADULT tag next to them. This means the title is not linked on also boughts of other books. Although my titles still have also boughts for other books, how nice. So no views on other peoples also boughts or also vieweds.

First it was Occupy My Ass. I didn't have a real problem with it. They told me they could restrict titles based on their discretion. I honestly thought it was a political thang.

Then I found out The Condom Party was blocked from general searches.

Now I find out Theme Park Stepdad is blocked from general searches. Theme Park Stepdad is enrolled in KDP Select. Amazon could have given me a shout that they were going to flag this title since it is exclusive to Amazon.

That means it won't be found unless you're looking for it. And you have to be looking in the Kindle Store. That's terrible for sales. That destroys sales. I've asked for clarification from Amazon. I hope I get some clarification but I doubt it.

Is it the title?
Is it the cover?
Is it the content?

I get the first two. But the third? I doubt they read any of the three above. If it's the titles, hell I'll change them. If it's the covers...well I changed the first two since they were banned out of coincidence and I hope they reconsider them. These covers are way less risque.

As for content...well Occupy My Ass isn't all that bad. Just some anal. The Condom Party is a wife getting down and dirty with her husband's friends. Nothing insane. No anal. No PI. So that one puzzles me. Makes me think it's the cover or was the cover.

Theme Park Stepdad I can understand. It could be both the title and the content. The cover is pretty low key for erotica.

I think it would be important to know how they are using their discretion. I want to adapt. I won't stop writing that's for sure. I just want to try and be in compliance at least going forward. I have other titles that should probably get the tag but don't have it. It's a little strange. The discretion seems to be too wide.

My next title has a risque title and risque content. But the cover is doesn't even have a person on it. It's a change for me. I am trying something different. I hope it doesn't get flagged with the ADULT tag.

But regardless I will move on, thrive and write, write, write!

Stay tuned!