Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's In An Erotic Name? Picking Names for Erotica Stories

I usually pick names of people I know. I don't have an association problem when writing in that regard. I just need a freaking name to use and I pull from what I know. And I know my friends and co-workers. Does this cause problems? Not for me. Maybe it would for them when they read one of my stories. Sometimes I use names of people I know and put them on characters that are entirely different than they are.

I wish people could put in names themselves into the story after they purchase the book. Don't steal my idea! It's being! It's MINE! I'm a lawyer! I don't like to add a lot of detail because I want the important stuff populated by the reader. The most I describe is a general overview of the character but more on that in a future post. I wish the reader could do the same with the name. Let's say I write a fantasy about banging your boss. I think it would be 100 times better if you could pick the name at the beginning of the story and have that be the name of the character througout. If I say the boss' name is Bertha and your boss' name is Julie than it is not going to help the fantasy.

I think using the wrong name can cause the same problem of using too much detail. But what can ya do? If you use too slutty of a name such as comes off fake. We all know the stories (for the most part) are fake but I don't want the reader to read: "The chic was hot. She said her name was Tiffany." Like...I don't know a lot of Tiffanys. I want the name to be real, spelled normal and be common. I love uncommon names but not for my story. I need the ready concentrated on the story and getting off. I don't need them hungup on something trivial when it comes to erotica such as a name that sucks. I only want them to care about the character that know what I mean.

Here is my advice. And take it with a grain of salt as I am new at this game. Whatever pops in your head run with it. That's it. Sometimes I'll get up and walk around the room and BAM Melissa pops in. That works! Don't get hung up on something insane like a name. Is it important? Maybe for other fiction. But I don't think it matters much for hardcore porn erotica. Not to say it should be crap. But if you write erotica like I write erotica which is to get the ready off then don't get hung up on the name. The woman or man rubbing out isn't going to get hung up on it. But if it's some crazy insane off the wall name it will distract them. That's my two cents.