Monday, February 6, 2012

Update Second Day Free, Erotica Short Through KDP Select

Held steady in the eighties all day and have been in the 90's for a while now. Right now it is 782 overall in free and #92 free in erotica.

So what does this mean? It means it is time to write the next one.

As I have more data later on in the week I will make a blog post about what I have determined from my personal experiment. There have been some sales of other titles but I am unsure if those are because of the experiment or would have happened anyway.

So far:
US: 368 (1 return)
UK: 63
Germany: 8
France: 1
Now if I do the math right, that is 440. Cool. I will be blogging later this weekend about what I think of KDP Select in regards to erotica and other genres.

For the 100th time, thank you to everyone that copped a copy and those that are reading this. :)