Friday, February 24, 2012

Trips to Barnes and Noble

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and today. Today I went to two Barnes and Nobles.

So yesterday. We arrive at my local BN to find that they do not have any displays in the window. Hmm. Are they going out of business? It wouldn't surprise me. It was sad but it wouldn't surprise me. The windows were bare. It would have taken maybe one hour to put something up on the windows behind the registers. But nada.

Today I made a trip to another BN that is a little farther away. I walk in and notice an author is doing a book signing. I had never been to a book signing before. It was delightful to see this author speak passionately about her book and the writing process.

Someone asked her about the name of the book. She said that when you are a write you don't get to pick the title. And she said it was scary. She said you can't pick the title or the colors or anything really about the book. Someone asked her about self publishing. She said she didn't want to sell books out of her trunk or take boxes of her books to barber shops to sell books. She said she didn't like the business aspect and was happy to let the publisher handle all that. Fair enough.

She also noted that she hated the name the publisher picked for her book. She hated the cover, etc. etc. She said she gave them various ideas that they didn't like. Wow. Forget all that noise. I created the book. I created the art. And someone else is going to make decisions about my art? I understand publishers pay for editing ect. but I don't want to be a part of giving away control of something I created. i understand that's how it was before but that's not how it is now.

I never sold a book out of my trunk. And I like naming my own book. I like picking the covers for my books. I like worrying about every single aspect of my microbusiness. I get some people aren't business people. She said she only wanted to write. Good for her. She said she knows her limits. Good for her.

My undergrad is in business. I love business. I love this business. And I love my micro business. It was a great trip. I learned alot. I heard a lot of stuff I had only read about on papa bear's blog (Newbies Guide to Publishing). I don't know my limits and I refuse to set a bar on what my perceived limits may or may not be.

I know I know. I haven't talked about my Select experiment in detail. I promise. Tomorrow! ;)