Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Thoughts on Supposed Censorship

I'm banking on Amazon. Is it foolish? Sure it is. Is it done without thinking? No.

It seems that eventually companies will have even more pressure from PayPal to perhaps get rid of all erotica. It started with the most objectionable content but I feel it will continue. I don't care about a supposed conspiracy, market share grab etc. I know 100% for sure that this is what it is. I see people blogging about it and complaining but offering no solution. Sign a petition? Why? So no one will read it. I am all for helping and pitching in but I can't away from what I've posted before. PayPal doesn't want X. Therefore they tell company A don't sell X. Company A has no plan B because why would it need one? So Company A says hey we can no longer sell X. It is what it is.

From what I am reading Amazon won't have to worry about what PP finds objectionable. If that's true then I am making the right move by putting certain titles only on Amazon. It's not like I'm writing vanilla flavored literature that can be sold anywhere. I read blogs saying never put all your eggs in one basket. Well, my eggs are special. They are different.

Am I putting all my eggs in one basket? (Amazon) No! I'm putting some eggs in one basket. I'm putting other eggs in other basket(s). I don't believe in one genre. I believe in writing in multiple genres. I don't even believe in genres period. I just want to write. As I also said before, I can write whatever the heck I want. I just might not be able to find an outlet for it in order for it to be sold. I see opportunity. I don't see a door slammed.

Just as you would diversify your eggs into multiple baskets I believe you have to diversify your writing. I hope there are no authors out there that only wrote PI or the other now supposed objectionable content. I am an artist but I am a business person. You can't write yourself into a corner. I believe we have to write in all flavors.If tomorrow I find out I can't be paid for writing erotica then I won't be able to sell what I've written but I will still be able to write it. This is all business. It's not personal. No one is taking anything away from me. They might change the rules, the game, the score, but the game won't be over.

(This is maybe a bad comparison but I am watching The Latino List on HBO and this thought just hit me.) People from Cuba woke up one day and had lost everything. They had lost their property. They had lost their money. They had lost their jobs, status etc. I lost a couple of subjects I can no longer write about for money. Actually really just one, PI. (This is my sandbox) When I think of Cuba and what happened I think really? Outrage over this? You're being censored? (which you aren't). Keep raging. Keep complaining. Keep bitching. I'm going to keep writing. I've seen some posts on discussion boards by the same people that would easily, EASILY add up to a short story. EASY. And my mistake for blogging about this so much. I should be writing something good that readers want to read! But this has been on my mind. It's no longer on my mind. Enjoy your Sunday and enjoy...the Oscars!!!