Saturday, February 18, 2012

Little Bit on Erotica Story Titles

How do you pick yours?

Here is how I pick mine.

I don’t. They just come to me.

Indian Girl Gone Bad – I have Indian friends. I wanted to write several stories about several girls coming out their shells and doing bad things. It just hit me. Like most titles it just came to me. I have all the other titles in the series mapped out.

Occupy My Ass – I thought it was funny. I was most likely looking at the news and did that thing when you sexualize everything. This story is sadly my least favorite. Why? I don’t know. There is just something that doesn’t light a ball of happiness in my guy when I think of the story.

Bathroom Stall Stories – I was at work wondering what to title a series. I wanted people to get off while at work. Where can you get off at at work? A bathroom stall! Legend was born. I’m a pervert. What can I tell you? I thought it was genius. I hope you do too.

Cuban Sandwich – My friend had just came back from Miami. I asked her if she had a Cuban Sandwich. She thought it was a sexual act. Bingo! I try and draw from all my experiences. Indian Girl Gone Bad, my first real novel draws on a lot of real experience and from real situations and real people. My friend sexualized a sandwich. I took it further.

The Condom Party – This is still probably my most favorite story…not 100% sure but it is up there. IGGB will always have a special place in my heart. I wanted to tell the story of a wife who has to entertain her husband’s friends. I wanted the title to make people curious. I tried to think of the most disgusting thing (more or less) that a husband could make his wife do.

Creampie Contest – I kept thinking of Mad Max. Two men enter one man leaves….Two men enter…one woman eats. A creampie alone would be boring. I thought a contest would be more fun. I chickened out by not making one of the men eat the other guy’s creampie but it wasn’t turning me on and therefore it wasn’t going in. (going in…haha) It has to turn me on or I am not going to write about it.

Water Park Stepmom – This was the hardest title for me. I knew the story I wanted to tell but…I Banged My Stepmom at the Water Park was just too long. I wanted the title to describe where this was taking place. I had to take a chance and said “fuck it” Water Park Stepmom describes, to me at least, the place and who this is going to be about. I wanted to “help” the title by adding “A Pseudo Incest Erotica Short”. I had read this was effective to tell the reader what they were getting themselves into.

I always think it’s important to talk about the word count in the description and to explain what type of story it is. From now I will be try and add “An Erotica Short”, “An Erotica Novel” etc.

And thus far that is how I’ve gotten my titles. How do you get yours?

P.S. Sorry so long inbetween posts. I was dealing with the death in my family and although I am not broken up about it, it has been real hard getting back to work. But I live to entertain and I will get back in the swing of things. HEARTS!

P.S.S. I have to give results of my KDP experiment. In short I feel it was mostly a failure. I'll get around to posting about it shortly.