Saturday, February 11, 2012

KDP Issues and Small Rant on KDP Select for Erotica Stories

I uploaded my latest short (not saying the name I do that too much!) on Thursday night at 9p.m. It didn't publish on Amazon until Friday night around midnight. That is unreal. Usually I upload at night and wake up to an email saying the book has been published. I am not sure what is going on over there at KDP but I don't like it not one bit!

There was a death in the family (not a close close relation) and therefore I will not be posting my KDP Select results until sometime next week.

The short of it is, I am unsure if it was a success (people say that when they have been unsuccessful). There are lots of variables effecting my experiment. (people say that when they have been unsuccessful). One variable is that I am too new to try a free experiment. Feb is only my second month. Any additional sales could be just because people are starting to find me. A good thing about KDP Select I believe is bad reviews are fewer than other genres.

Sorry for the teaser. I will go into this more next week. Right now I have to focus on estate stuff. And being that I am a lawyer (who does not do estate law) I want to make sure I say the right things for the inevitable questions family members will ask. I remember when DWS would talk about all his estate stuff and I am feeling his pain finally now that I have to research and prepare to have a game face for others.

I already had a sale of Creampie Contest, oops I said the name. It is on sale for .99 and is part of my series; Bathroom Stall Stories #3. Oh I linked it too, oops. ;) It is just one sale but I am so happy and thrilled I can put my art out there and someone bought it. Someone paid for what I wrote. That is special. I don't want to forget that feeling. I don't need 20, 30, 40, 50 sales a day. I am thrilled with one sale a day. It really keeps me going. Life is good. We are blessed people are willing to pay for our art. I am stoked.