Sunday, February 26, 2012

Internet Diet

Not so much an internet diet but more of a discussion board diet. When I sit at work I park on discussion boards and read through replied. But I think that's unhealthy. I think of that song that says live in New York but leave before you get to hard. Live in Cali but bounce before you get too soft.

Discussion boards are great for learning and information. But you can get sucked into a mentality. You can get sucked into certain ruts and atmospheres. So I am going on a discussion board diet. I am going to try hard to not visit discussion boards this week while at work.

I also will try harder to not post 14 times in the same day and space out posts. I write a little bit too off the cuff. I can't help it. But at least you know you are getting me. I don't plan posts to optimize readership ect. Maybe I should but I'm not interested in that right now. I'm interested in entertaining.

Have an amazing week!