Saturday, February 4, 2012

Erotica Book Covers (Erotica Short Covers Etc.)

I’ve been going back and forth on this one question for a while:

Do erotica book covers really matter?

Everyone judges a book by its cover. I get it. But erotica is a little different than other genres. Most covers show a whole lot of one woman, a sexy couple, or very little. Most erotica covers are a single image with the book title and author’s name. And there is nothing wrong with that…because I do it.

Your audience will dictate your cover. Yes that’s obvious but when it comes to erotica and writing for men, do you need a scantily clad woman on the cover? There is a lot of porn out there for free. No matter what image I put on the cover it’s not going to be the hottest or most risque. A single image can turn a person on but it isn’t going to satisfy men.

E L James is rocking the top three erotica spots right now with single images on her covers of inanimate objects. Makes you think if it really is a titilating cover image that sells erotica. I assume E L is going after women. Men usually need more to click through, no?

E L’s covers:

I guess for women you don’t just throw a Fabio look-a-like on the cover and be done with it. E L is proof of that.

One thing I know is that I can’t answer these questions. I am a newbie with no clout nor sales to make boastful statements. I’m a lawyer so you will get no straight answers out of me. I just have lots of questions.

I go with scantily clad image, name and book title. But I am not sure if I always will.

P.S. I don’t have a lot of sales (which does not bother me and I am NOT complaining just trying to add to the next statement outside the parens, I am super duper new) but I got this awesome tweet that made me SOL. (smile):

From @jasonjaxx @AmandaCharvi just want to say thanks – your blog & bio really inspired me to just put my writing out there.

Now that’s freaking awesome! NIKE! ALWAYS! Just do it.