Friday, February 24, 2012

CENSORED...all over the internet

All my titles are gone from Bookstrand. Good riddance.
One title gone from Allromance (Indian Girl Gone Bad)
One title gone from Smashwords (Indian Girl Gone Bad)

Paypal is going after what they consider to be morally objectionable ebooks. Paypal is forcing companies to not sell certain titles. PI (pseudo incest) has been targeted along with other content.

So all my PI and Sophie's are now only on Amazon.

They hit my genre and they might hit other genres. They are targeting fiction subjects that are legal. That is scary. But alas, I will survive. I will put everything on Amazon until Amazon takes it down.

Paypal is owned by Ebay. Ebay is Amazon's biggest competitor. We shall see if Amazon has the balls to NOT censor what people read. We shall see if they have the balls to not determine choice. I don't like people determining what is proper taste. I understand legally they can do what they want. They are private corporations. But I would hope they see erotica is a big big big very big market. And I hope Amazon doesn't fold on this. It is simply, to say it in legal terms...fucked up.

But life is good. It's the weekend! And I will make sure to write more this weekend.