Monday, January 23, 2012

New Short Story Out! New Cover for Occupy My Ass!

New Covers! I needed a new cover for Occupy My Ass. I went with simple. I also released a new short story yesterday. Cuban Sandwich!
It's part of the Bathroom Stall Stories Series:
Aileen and Vanessa take a much needed vacation to Miami. They intend to enjoy the sights, enjoy the food and enjoy the men. When Vanessa ends the night early after a long night of partying, Aileen is stuck with two sexy Cuban cousins who are looking for action on a hot Miami night.

Cuban Sanwich is a roughly 7000 word short erotic story. Please check the sample to see if this is a dish you would like to try.

This story is for adults only.

What are Bathroom Stall Stories?
Bathroom Stall Stories are quickies.
They are short stories.
Bathroom Stall Stories have a purpose. The purpose is to get you off quickly.
We have a dream that you are at work.
You’re bored.
And you’re horny.
You need to get off.
You need something perverted to read.
You need that fix.
B.S.S. are that quick fix.
You need material to rub out to sometimes and we hope B.S.S. will fill that need.

Blah blah blah. Let me know what you think of the covers!!! Stoked!