Monday, January 9, 2012


I am anal. (har har har) I'm at work bored to death and all I think about is how to improve what I've done. Also I want to be productive as possible. I want to be prolific as possible. I corrected some mistakes in IGGB. If you find any please let me know. I am sure there are some. Also I changed what I wrote about this blog in IGGB. I am going to upload certain stories instead of having them here. I think that's a better decision. If you disagree please let me know. It's seemed a little tedious to go back and change all the code to delete that part of IGGB at the top and bottom. The mistake of "Yes Salma" when it should of been "Yes Priya" is destroying ME! I consider myself a perfectionist (when it comes to certain things. Proofreading is not one of them). And it's KILLING ME! Alas I will continue on. I will perservere and make it through. I will continue to grow and bring you quality erotica.

And if you bought my book, thank you! There is no tactful way of saying thank you for purchasing something. But thank you!

The Condom Party needs to be edited. Then I need to fix issues, proofread, format it and then work on a cover. And finally I will upload it for free on Smashwords for a short time. And if you feel bamboozled email me and I will send you a short story to make up for my naivete. :)

And most importantly I hope I am entertaining!