Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Google Alert for Occupy My Ass

I received a google alert related to the title of my short story Occupy My Ass. It looks like a porn film was made with the same title. AWESOME!

Is it new? I don't know. I figured there probably was a porn flick already called Occupy My Ass but didn't even check. I believe on Dean Wesley Smith's site he said you can't copyright a title. I am an attorney. Ya...I didn't do too much research. DWS knows his stuff. I am now hoping he is right and there are no issues. I got a story. They got a movie. There are various books with the same title. Again, WOW. So weird yet cool. AND...I know some of the chics in the flick. I love Kelly Divine and love love love Aiden Starr. I think she is from Jerz? Not sure.

So my book is out now :) and the movie looks to be coming out 1/23/2012. FYI. :)