Monday, January 2, 2012

The Condom Party (5500 words)

And here is the first free fresh and new erotic short story. 5500 words. It has not been edited. I am sure there are mistakes. I wanted to get this out today since I published yesterday and promised a short story on my blog. Here it is! This has been in my head for weeks. I have been dying to write it but was finishing up Indian Girl Gone Bad (from now on known as IGGB). IGGB took a lot out of me. But now that that journey is ending I am excited to get to work on other projects.

            This short story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and situations are solely the creation of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, places or situations is purely and completely coincidental.

All contents copyright 2012 of Amanda Charvi. All rights reserved. No part of this electronic document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (recording, photocopying, electronic, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the author and or publisher.

All characters are 18 years of age or older
The Condom Party by Amanda Charvi. Published for free by Amanda Charvi.
“Where are we going?” I asked. I was scared. Excited. But still scared. We were driving down the highway and I knew the area but didn’t know our destination.
“Doesn’t matter.” replied my husband.
He was still upset with me. I didn’t blame him. He was upset because he found out that I had blown an old high school friend a few months ago at a party. We had been married for five years but one blowjob, one old friend, was causing us so much strife. It’s not as if my husband hadn’t gotten blown by some random whore at a strip club or gotten blown while he was out with his friends. I had no proof, but he’s a man and all men cheat. I think Mike, my husband, was most upset that I had swallowed the cum after the blowjob.
I had been on Facebook posting and chatting with friends. My friend from high school, Darren, had sent me a private message. Darren was asking for another blowjob. Another blowjob as good as the one I gave him at Amy’s house. I had left my private Facebook messages open on my laptop when I went to take a shower. I didn’t think Mike would look through my messages. I didn’t think he cared that much about me to be jealous.
I figured he was occupied with other women outside of our marriage. Here I am, twenty nine years old, the prime of my life and I have to beg him to have sex with me. Was it because I hand’t given him kids yet? I don’t know. I know I’m attractive. I know men like me. When we go out I’m always getting hit on. That was the case at Amy’s party. Mike didn’t want to go which was typical. Amy was having a small party of old high school friends and I wanted to see how everyone was doing.
Darren found me at the party and he gave me attention. Mike never gives me attention. Darren wanted to know what I had been doing the last few years. He complimented me on my hair and I would catch him checking out my tits. Darren laughed when he was supposed to laugh and kept handing me drinks. As all conversations do, our conversation eventually became about sex.
I told Darren how Mike and I had been married for five years and we rarely had sex. All he ever seemed to want from me after one year of marriage was blowjobs. I had known since I was a teenager that I gave killer head. Darren cosigned that sentiment when he mentioned he had heard back in high school that I gave killer head. I laughed at my reputation from so long ago.
“I never had a chic swallow.” said Darren at the party.
“Bullshit. Your twenty nine like me right? Not one girl has ever swallowed for you?” I was talking slightly above a whisper so that the rest of Amy’s guests couldn’t hear us.
“Never” he said, “God knows I’ve asked but they either spit it out or make me fuck them before I cum. Maybe I don’t taste good.” We both broke out in laughter.
“I swallow.” I said. I don’t know what made me say it but the words came out and I figured I would see where this was heading. If he had any balls he would make a move.
“Do you still give killer head like in high school?” asked Darren.
“Maybe. You’d have to ask my husband.” I replied.
I shouldn’t have mentioned my husband. That killed any momentum that was building. You could tell in his demeanor that once I said “husband” the fun in our conversation seemed to change.
I felt bad.
Darren was a lot sexier now then he was in high school. He was a successful architect working for a firm in the city. He was six foot two and you could tell he went to the gym. His shoulders were broad and his muscles were showing under his t-shirt. I couldn’t get a good look at the bulge in his jeans. I had no idea what he was working with.
But what I cared about was that he gave me attention. If my husband wasn’t going to give me attention I was going to get it somewhere else.
“I have to use the ladies room. I’ll be right back.” I said. I knew the bathroom was down the hallway we were standing in. Amy had a large house. The rest of Amy’s guests, for the most part, were in the living room watching some game. Football I think. I have no clue. I didn’t give a shit. The whole party it had been Darren and I.
“I’ll be right here when you get back.” replied Darren.
I walked the few feet away from him and into the bathroom. It was a half bathroom. Pretty small but I felt it would do the trick. Mike got to go out and tip slutty strippers whenever he wanted, why couldn’t I have fun?
I peeked down the hall to where I had been standing. Darren was facing away towards the living room where the crowd was going crazy for a touchdown or whatever the fuck was going on.
“Darren.” I whispered.
He didn’t hear me.
“Darren.” I said louder.
He turned around looking confused.
“Come here.” I told him. I called him over with my pointing finger. The international “Get over here!” sign.
“You alright? You don’t know how to work this thing?” he said stepping into the bathroom and pretended to flush the toilet. I walked around him and closed the door.
“I know how to use a toilet.” I said. I pulled the toilet seat cover down and sat down making sure to hold my skirt to my legs as I took a seat.
“What are you doing?” he said giggling.
“I think you know. I need you to tell me if I still give killer head.” I didn’t even ask him for permission. I decided to take this situation into my own hands and began undoing his jeans. His crotch was at about eye level.
“Are you sure?” he asked.
“Darren shut up. When a girl wants to suck your dick you let her suck dick.” I replied. This wasn’t the first time I cheated on my husband but doing it at a friend’s party was pretty slutty.
I undid the first button on his jeans. Then I realized his fly was a button fly. Who the fuck has a button fly these days? I remember lots of commercials for button fly jeans a few years ago but I thought it was a fad that went out. Whatever. I did all five buttons on his fly and pulled his jeans right off.
Darren was nervous. He was breathing hard. It wasn’t excitement. It was because he was nervous. I was scared he would have a little dick. It could just be the situation making him nervous. You don’t normally go to a party expecting to get blown in a bathroom while people are nearby yelling and screaming.
All that was left between me and Darren’s dick was his boxer briefs. I still couldn’t tell how big or small his penis was. I decided to leave his boxers on and go in through the hole used to take a piss with. I opened the hole in his boxers with two fingers and started searching around. I felt his shaft. Now I needed to go down and see how big it was. I started going down and didn’t reach the bottom. As I was moving my hand slowly down his boxers I noticed that his cock head was coming out of the bottom of his boxers. Holy shit. Darren had a huge penis.
“Darren what the fuck? Why didn’t you tell me you had this donkey sized dick in your boxers? We could have been in here a lot sooner.” I said.
“I didn’t know what to say.” he stuttered. His being so nervous was adorable.
I put his large cock in my mouth. It had to be nine inches long. It was much bigger then Mike’s penis. Mike might have had a five inch penis on a good day. Darren’s dick was impressive. I licked the head and tasted some precum.
“You taste good Darren.” I said looking up at him.
“Thank you. Please don’t stop.” he replied.
“I have no intention of stopping.”
I finally had a moment to see his balls. They were also large and needed room to move. I moved his right leg up onto the top of a small hamper that was in the bathroom. Now his balls were free and I had room to work with. I sucked on the head and licked all around it. I used my right hand to jerk his shaft and my left hand to massage his balls. Darren was moaning with pleasure.
I was getting into my groove. I was a blowjob queen. I loved to suck cock. I pulled out all the stops on his dick. I started to use both hands on his penis.
And then he came.
Five fucking minutes and he came.
No warning whatsoever.
He just started cumming.
He had put his leg down from on top of the hamper and he started to cum. I was really surprised. It might be why no girl ever swallowed his load. Whatever he had saved would be used for fucking and he would probably cum fast from fucking as well.
Beautiful penis.
Terrible stamina.
At least Mike with his five incher could go for a good half hour.
I jerked all the cum out into my mouth and didn’t swallow. Once he pulled away his penis from my mouth, I stood up and made sure he could see the cum in my mouth. I moved my tongue around swishing the cum back and forth. Finally, I swallowed.
It would be a night to remember for Darren but nothing special for me. I had provided a service. I fullfilled a dream. I was uninterested in him the moment he came as much as he was interested in me once he came. We fixed ourselves up and made our way back to the hallway. Amy saw us coming out of her bathroom. I would give her all the details later. I told Darren he owed me one that I would collect sooner rather then later and he agreed. I left the party shortly afterwards.
And here I am now. Stuck in a truck with my husband and the way to god knows where.
“Are we going to someone’s house?”
“Sara, please. Just shut the fuck up. I already told you. You want to be a slut then I am going to treat you like a slut. You are going to perform for me to my liking.”
“I understand baby, and I appreciate it, but I just want to know what’s going to happen so I can be prepared.”
“Sluts don’t need preparation they just need to perform when the time comes.”
He sounded so angry. I had never seen him like this. I had genuinely thought he didn’t give a shit about me. He rarely spoke to me. I guess he actually cared and I had hurt him.
We reached a residential neighborhood that looked familiar. He pulled up to a house that had several cars in the driveway and turned off the truck. That was when I realized we were at Jeff’s house. Jeff was one of Mike’s friends. It looked like there was a party going on inside.
“Here is the deal.” said Mike. He never turned to look at me as he spoke. He just looked at the front window.
“I asked Jeff to have a bunch of the guys over. We are going to have a condom party.”
“What is a condom party?” I said nervously.
“A condom party is something Jeff and I came up with in college for sluts. When I walk in there will be six guys there. You are going to blow each and every one of them and more.” He replied.
“Mike I can’t do that. How would I ever face them again? These are your asshole friends that come over for basketball and football. This is humiliating.”
“How can you ever face them again? How can you face me after blowing your stupid friend at some fucking party? I actually don’t know these guys aside from Mike. You don’t have to do this. I can’t take you home and you’ll hear from my attorney.”
I didn’t want to get divorced. The one thing Mike was good for was supporting me. I had stopped working right when we got married. I had everything I wanted and I didn’t want a lifestyle change. I had sucked plenty of cocks in my day. I had sucked two brothers at one time. I could handle six assholes. My main concern was that these were his friends. I decided to suck it up. I couldn’t believe he didn’t know some of the guys he was about to force me to blow.
“I’ll do whatever you want baby, I am so sorry, you know that.”
“Oh I know. You’ll get your fill tonight slut.” he said with so much disdain that I couldn’t get over it. He was pissed.
We walked up to the house. I could see a bunch of guys standing around holding red cups. Surely they were loaded already. I could do this. I still didn’t get what a condom party was but I figured I could manage.
Jeff opened the door. He saw us and said hello to Mike. He didn’t speak to me.
“Hi Jeff, I guess.” I said.
“Sara, shut the fuck up. You are not to talk. You are here to suck cock. Sluts don’t talk. Sluts listen and only speak when spoken to.” Said Mike.
“The entertainment is here!” yelled Jeff to the party.
The men starting yelling with excitement. I only recognized Jeff. The other four guys were named Steve, Julio, Ralph and Alex. I would learn later that the other four guys worked with Jeff. It was humiliating. Mike told everyone I was a stripper hired for Jeff’s bachelor party. Jeff wasn’t engaged. At least I wasn’t aware of him being engaged.
“Thanks for pitching in guys, I really appreciate it, this bitch was expensive.” said Mike. So not only is he making his wife perform for him but he is getting paid by the other guys for my performance. I want to know how much I am worth. Motherfucker.
“O.K., so here are the rules.” said Jeff to the crowd.
There are rules? What the fuck is this.
“Each of you has to wear a condom while she blows you. You have to wear a condom.” said Jeff.
That sounded good. Safe sex is important. I guess Mike didn’t want his wife swallowing the cum of strange men. I was fine with that. I could handle blowing five guys.
“She will be in my room giving blowjobs. No sex. You can’t cum on her. Cum in the condom. Once you cum, come back out here. Keep the condom on.” said Jeff.
What the fuck was the deal with the condoms? Jeff passed out the condoms. Noone spoke to me. I took this to mean Jeff had told them not to speak to me. I was just a hired piece of meat to them. Mike had made me wear a very short skirt and a shirt that exposed my big tits. He also made me wear high heels. Mike loved high heels.
Jeff walked me to his room. He opened the door and I was surprised by how clean the room was. I was expecting a mess. I had known Jeff for about six years and he was an asshole. I wasn’t positive if Mike was making me blow him too.
“Jeff this is so weird.” I said.
“I’m sorry. Your name is Candy and I don’t know you. My friend Mike says he picked you up off the highway and you are going to suck all our cocks for twenty dollars each.” he replied. “Have a seat on my bed. This is where you are going to be blowing all of us.”
“Oh no I have to suck your dick too?” I said.
“It’s my house. I’m going first.” he said with a smile.
He unzipped his jeans, that were gross, and started to pull his dick out. I couldn’t believe this. I was being used like a hooker? I had to suck my husband’s best friends dick? Oh my god. How would I face him after this?
His dick wasn’t very large. It was maybe six inches long. He was jerking it right in front of my face.
“Gotta get it hard to put the condom on. Strict instructions from my friend Mike not to touch you.” he said.
He was jerking his cock so close to my mouth it was unreal. Finally it was hard and he opened up the package for the condom and pulled it on.
“Get to work bitch. You got customers waiting.”
“Jeff, I can’t.”
He grabbed the back of my head and pushed it towards him. It was time to get to work. I had to do what Mike wanted.  I put his cock in my mouth. He sighed with excitement. I didn’t touch his balls. I just wanted to get this over with. Jeff? Jeff of all people? Fuck. He started jerking his cock while I sucked on it.
“You suck really good, Mike wasn’t kidding. He said you sucked dick like a champ. I wish I could give you a reward. Well…you are getting a reward later.” he was smiling when he gave me the news about a reward. Fucking asshole.
I continued to suck as he continued to jerk off. He was enjoying himself. I know he wanted to touch me. It turned me on that he couldn’t. I pushed my chest out and started playing with my D cups. I had caught him looking at them before. They want to fuck with me? I will fuck with them. I put my hand inside my shirt and start playing with my nipple. This did the trick.
I could feel his cock cumming into the condom. Loser. That’s all it took? I could do this four more times. He continued stroking until he was done cumming. He started walking out of the room with the condom on. He never took it off. He said “Thank you.” before exiting. Fucking asshole. I heard him telling the other guys how awesome I was at sucking cock. Four more. Just four more.
Julio was next. Julio looked like a Mexican garderner and he smelled like one too. He was about five foot five inches tall and had a massive stomach that went over his waist. He didn’t even speak to me when he came in the room. He was staring at my tits the whole time. He undid his jeans and took out his unimpressive small penis. It had to be three inches at most. I knew he was going to cum quick.
“Jerk my dick.” he commanded.
“Jeff said that Mike said no touching.” I replied.
“That’s bullshit. Mike just said make sure she jerks, sucks and that you play with her big tits.” he said.
What. The. Fuck. I reached to grab his small dick. It was gross. He didn’t shave it either. I was going to have to hold up his stomach to suck it. He took my tits out of my shirt. He wasn’t delicate at all. He just took them out like he owned them. He squeezed my nipples too hard. Finally his dick was hard. He opened up the package for his condom and tried to get it on. His cock was so small that he could barely get it on. When he did manage to get it on it would keep slipping off because of all the extra material. I held my breath and started to suck on in. He took his dick out of my mouth all of a sudden.
“Lick my balls bitch.” he said.
His balls were hairy. I started to lick them but they smelled and tasted like piss. I put them both in my mouth. He was jerking himself off using just two fingers. It wasn’t as if that dick fit in his hand.
The ball sucking lead to him cumming. He jerked himself into the condom. That was an easy one. He left the room as soon as he came. Dirty spic. He held onto the condom like it was life and death.
Next up were two guys at one time. This excited me. I hadn’t had two guys at one time in a long while. Ralph was on my right. Ralph looked to also be Hispanic but was very good looking. He was of average height. Dark hair and light eyes. He was sexy. I was going to enjoy sucking his cock. Alex was on my left. He wasn’t as attractive as Ralph but was well built. They both started to take their dicks out. I decided to take my top off.
“Those are some big fucking tits.” said Ralph.
They both started to suck on a tit.
Their pants were undone I reached out to grab both penises. Ralph had a skinny penis but seemed long. Maybe six or seven inches long. Alex had a very fat cock. It was maybe Mike’s size but so much thicker. This dick would do damage.
They strapped on their condoms. I was wishing they wouldn’t even put the condoms on. These cocks were tasty. I was very excited. I wanted to finish them both off and not into a condom. I wanted to swallow their loads. I started with Alex’s cock first.
“This is a fat cock.” I said.
“That’s what my mom once told me.” he replied.
“Dude your fucking gross.” said Ralph.
“Oh right it was your mom that said it not mine.” replied Alex.
“Both of you shut up. I need you two to concentrate while I suck these cocks.” I said.
I didn’t hear much more out of them until they came. I worked both cocks. I loved having cocks in both hands. I put both cocks in my mouth. I made their heads touch. They couldn’t complain much since they were wearing condoms. The heads weren’t actually touching were they? I moved my hands to their balls. I stroked and massaged their balls. I was so pissed I couldn’t swallow these loads. At this point I wanted to swallow.
Ralph came first. I kept jerking his long cock until all his cum was at the end of the condom. Then I moved both my hands to Alex’s cock and stroked it. I couldn’t get my hands around it. I jerked and jerked and finally he came into his condom. Both of them made sure not to take off the condoms and they slowly walked out of the room.
Next was Steve. Steve was a black guy. They saved the biggest for last I guess. Steve was six foot four inches tall and very skinny. I imagined his penis was skinny and long. He took out a condom package from his pants and it was extra large condom. This was getting good.
“They saved the best for last.” he said with a smile.
“I guess I’ll find out.” I replied.
“Oh, you will.” he said.
He had sweat pants on. He pulled them down and he wasn’t wearing underwear. He had what seemed to be a beautiful body. His cock was massive. It was long and thick. It was a monster. His balls were hanging very low. Every other guy would have been ashamed of their dicks if they had seen his.
“You O.K?” he asked
“I’m fine.” I replied. I was amazed and I wanted to suck on it.
“You ever have one this big? Ever had a black guy?” he asked.
“Yes and no.” I replied.
“Which one is the yes?” he asked.
“I’m not telling.” I said smiling.
He chuckled and started to stroke his massive cock. It took a while to get hard. I had my tits out and decided to play with my pussy. Finally his cock reached its maximum potential and he strapped on the extra large condom.
“Time to get to work bitch.” he said.
He moved towards me. I grabbed his balls first. I squeezed them hard expecting him to flinch but he didn’t. He seemed to enjoy the squeezing. His balls were hanging so low. How did he walk around with them swinging around? It had to be uncomfortable. I lifted up his large cock and laid it down on my head. I wanted to lick those balls. Mike wanted me to be a slut so I was going to act like one. I could smell the soap he had used when taking a shower. These chocolate balls were fresh and clean.
I sucked on them both but couldn’t get them in my mouth. I finished licking his balls and started on the cock. I could barely get his head in my mouth. It was troublesome. I licked the head and massaged his balls. He didn’t seem to be enjoying it too much. I put in some extra effort. I spit on the shaft and went to town. I used every trick I knew. I moved my tongue under the head and stroked in circles. I moved my hand under his balls massaging those special places and he seemed unimpressed. Fucker.
“O.K. time to fuck.” he said.
“What? Mike said no fucking only sucking cock and touching.” I replied. I wasn’t going to fall for this shit.
“Here. Now turn around and put that white girl ass up in the air. You’re going to get fucked. Put your head in the pillow.” he commanded. He had thrown three one hundred dollar bills on the bed. So I was right. Mike had said no fucking. Was my pussy worth three hundred dollars? He wanted me to suck off his friend and some strangers? I was going to take the money and fuck this black guy until I came over and over again.
I grabbed the money off the bed while keeping eye contact with him. I stood up and still felt like a midget in my high heels next to him. I turned around and lifted my skirt up. I had no underwear on. I got onto the bed. I was on all fours.
“Well are we gonna fuck or are you gonna stare at me with that dumb look on your face?” I said. I figured I would play with him.
“Now we’re talking.” he replied.
“You can’t take too long. They are expecting a blowjob not fucking.” I said.
“They can wait.” he said.
I was hoping he would last a good long while. I was hoping Mike would walk in on us. Fuck it. I had nothing to lose. He moved his cock by my pussy. He spit on his hand and put the spit on my pussy. We didn’t see any other lube in the room. He also spit on the condom to lube it up. Without much warning he put his dick inside my pussy and held on to my hips. He was slow at first but it didn’t take long for him to start fucking me hard. It hurt. It hurt a lot. It felt really good.
My big tits were swinging back and forth and hit me several times in the face. I had to stuff my head into a pillow when I came. He fucked so good. I wanted to get his number. I would whore myself out to him for money, why not? His dick felt amazing. Mike never fucked me this good. Noone ever fucked me this good. He lasted a good ten minutes before telling me he was going to cum. I felt his cock engorge as he busted his nut while fucking me. I was so satisfied. What turned out to be a scary night was turning out to be a pretty spectacular night so far.
He pulled out of me and I turned around as he gather his things. He didn’t put on his sweat pants. He picked them up and made sure the condom wasn’t going to come off his huge dick.
“What is the deal with the condoms?” I asked.
“I’m not telling.” he said smiling. Touche.
Steve opened the door and noone else was available to come in. I had completed my task. What a slut I had been. I made sure to compose myself and I walked out to the living room where the guys were all talking. They were yelling and hollering and seemed rather excited. I saw Jeff and Mike in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure of what I saw at first but Mike was jerking himself off in the kitchen. What the fuck. He was jerking himself off, and when he saw me come out with Steve, he came. He was cumming into a large plastic cup. I saw a bunch of condoms on the kitchen countertop near Mike and jeff.
Steve walked over to Mike and they began talking. When they were finished Mike brought the large cup over to the living room.
“Have a seat Candy.” Mike said with a smile.
“O.K. guys did you all have fun?” asked Jeff to the crowd. They yelled their excitement. I guess I did a good job.
“Now it is time for the finale. I know it was hard for all of you to come through but your work has paid off.” said Jeff.
I had no idea what he was talking about.
“Candy is now going to swallow all of our loads for our viewing pleasure!” Jeff said.
I still had no idea what was going on. I noticed Julio had a camera in his hand and he was filming. What the fuck was about to happen? What was this finale.
Mike handed me the large plastic cup. I noticed he was wearing gloves. I couldn’t tell what was in the cup. There was stuff on the side of the cup and it was sticky.
“Candy, this is what all your work has produced. Mike and I have been doing condom parties for years. You rank up there in the top five.” Jeff announced.
“Jeff, what are you talking about?” I asked. I wanted to know what the fuck was going on.
“Well, you helped each and every one of us cum. We came in the condoms and we made sure not to spill any drops of cum. Once we were out of the room we came to the kitchen and unloaded our condoms into this large cup. That cup in your hands has all of our loads. And now it’s time for you to swallow all of our loads!!!” Jeff said.
Everyone starting going nuts. These motherfuckers. These dirty fucks. The cup was halfway full with cum. There was cum on the sides of the cup. It was disgusting. I had wanted to swallow some loads but this was unreal.
“Hurry up. We don’t have all day. I have to get you back to the highway so you can get picked up for other parties.” said Mike.
I was going to enjoy this. I raised the cup up. They started yelling and hollering even more. I tilted the cup teasing them. I tilted it more and some cum came out. I made sure to get a mouthful. I closed my eyes and I swallowed. Disgusting. I did this five more times until all the cum was gone. They started to applaud.
“Mike this was the best slut ever!” said someone from the crowd.
“We gotta do this again. Let me get her number.” said another.
“Now, now. This was for Jeff’s bachelor party. She was a good slut. Maybe in the future if you all behave we can have another condom party. I heard she has a sister. Maybe we can call up more friends and everyone enjoys.” replied Mike.
I had to admit I was turned on. He actually did care about me. I had gotten attention from a bunch of guys and was used like a fuck toy. I would do this again.
Mike practically shoved me out of the door. He unlocked the truck and I jumped in. I didn’t know if I should talk or not talk. I figured it was best to  let him talk first.
“Did you have fun?” asked Mike.
“…I did.” I replied. I wasn’t sure if that was the right answer.
“The next time you are going to be a slut I want to know all about it. You belong to me and noone else. You do as I tell you slut. Understand?” Mike said.
“Yes. I understand. Thank you.” I said.
“You’re welcome.” Mike said.
I had gone to my first condom party. And it wasn’t going to be my last.